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Coat of arms of Johann Georg Fuhrmann from Birnbaum, Prov.Posen
(today Miezychod, Poland)

The ancestors-line of our family we can lead back gapless with churchrecords to the pharmacist  Johann Georg FUHRMANN in Birnbaum, Prov.Posen. first Poland , then Prussia, now Miedzychod, Poland.
In this town he founded, probably allready befor 1660, a pharmacy. His first Pharmacyprivilege, given by Christoph von Unruh, Starost of the town, is not preserved. Probably it was lost during the big townfire in 1668 as the whole town including the townhall burned down.
A new Privilige was given by the son of Christoph, Boguslaw von Unruh on 22 September 1689 probably after rebuilding the pharmacy in the Marketstreet of Birnbaum. This was kept till WWar II. in the Polish State Archive in Posnan under the number C 23 and is lost during the war.
The first mention of George Fuhrmann in the churchrecords of Birnbaum was in 1662 as a godfather to the baptism of Anna Gruene, daughter of Christoph Gruene, blackdyer.
His marriagerecord  stands on page 16o in the oldest churchbook of Birnbaum
on 13 November 1663, married to J(ohanna)Elis.(abeth)

Secondary resurces  lead back till 1460 to the first known coat of arms of a Fuhrmann-family in Stargard, Pommerania.
So we have traced back about 550 years of familyhistory of our Fuhrmann-family.


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